Ms Nandani Balloo

I am now pursuing a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry. The main objective of my research is to induce the production new bioactive metabolites from cyanobacterial strains by changing the standard physical parameters of laboratory cultures. These molecules will then be extracted from the cell cultures, purified and its structure will be elucidated. Thereon its bioactivity will be determined. 


I chose to study in Japan because of the high quality education and also the fact that Hokkaido University is among the top universities in the world. Moreover, Japan has a rich cultural heritage which I aspire to discover. My desired future career path is to become a researcher in the field of natural products. 


Studying in Japan will be a huge opportunity to discover a whole new culture and way of life. You will get an opportunity to engage in many activities that will help you to grow, gain new experiences and achieve your goals. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy your student life to the maximum as well as get the opportunity to conduct research in one of the best ranking institutions in the world.