Mr Nirvaan Seedoyal

I did my Master`s degree at the Faculty of Business Administration at Kobe University.

The courses were all in English and is called the SESAMI Program. There are many well known professors from all over the world who come to give lectures. The lectures are done in a very interactive way where each and everyone share their views. It is also important to point out that the students come from all over the world, giving students the opportunity to grasp new cultures. As I really like tourism I did my research in social media in relation to tourism.


Currently, I am Assistant Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism. I am expected to become Deputy Permanent Secretary in about 12-15 years and Permanent Secretary in about 20-25 years who is the head of the Ministry.


I strongly recommend students to study in Japan. The country has a very rich culture, it is one of the safest place, food is amazing, each prefecture has its own specialty and the quality of education is really good.

The facilities that are offered to students at Japanese universities are very good and everything in Japan is very well planned without mentioning that punctuality is just surprising to all foreigners.