Mr Chishimba Johnson

When I was young, I always wondered how a person can be able to write a kanji character so nicely like the way they do, as I kept on trying to write them by coping from written kanjis, my interest in visiting Japan started to grow.


And so, for my study, I chose Japan because the country has done so much in the area of shallow geothermal, solar thermal and other solar energy related  research activities and programs. Due to this, I therefore realized that such an environment could be conducive to learn a lot more about such programs.


Additionally, having had interest in promoting the use of clean energy technologies, I saw that Japan has at-least been striving to implement some clean energy technologies with a view of making the Earth cleaner and that’s why I became even more interested to study here.


I started my masters program in this division in 2019 and since then, I have had at least some exposure in this research area and hoping to have even more of it. I plan to learn a bit more with the idea of at-least contributing to making future energy systems cleaner, cheaper and accessible to different sectors of economies.


Studying in Japan can introduce an international academic exposure in your career, and considering that the world is now a global village, I think that can be so beneficial for your intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and material growth.