Steps to Study in Japan

1. Gather information

Search for schools and programmes.

2. Find a university and its application details - At least 12 months in advance -

Get school and programme information. Get an application form.
Check detailed application requirements and exam info set by each university.

3. Take necessary tests

Check with the school which tests are required (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS). Check with them if you are exempt from an English test if you have completed your education in English.

4. Apply for a university - 6~9 months before - 

Send necessary documents to schools.

5. Take the entrance exam

Document screening, online interview, written exams... (as per each school's requirement) 

6. Receive an admission and prepare for entry

Receive an acceptance letter, pay tuition fees. 

7. Prepare for your travel

Apply for visa. Arrange an air ticket and an insurance.