Session I

12:30-13:00 (CAT, UTC+2)

Social Sciences

Hokkaido University

Graduate School of Economics and Business (Economic Policy Course)

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Natural Science

Prefectural University of Kumamoto

International Postgraduate Scholarship for Research on Mercury, The Graduate School of Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences

Computer Science

Kobe Institute of Computing

ICT Innovator course

University of Tsukuba

Master's/Doctoral Programme in Computer Science


Akita University

Master & Doctoral Programs with English instruction

Kyoto University of Advanced Science

School of Engineering - Division of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering (Master/ PhD)

Kyushu University

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science Engineering

Mie University

 Graduate School of Engineering, Master and Doctor courses

Nagasaki University

 Water and Environmental Science Programme

University of Tsukuba

Graduate School, Degree Programme in Engineering Mechanics & Energy

Yokohama National University

Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Urban Innovation, Special Graduate Programme (Infrastructure)


Ehime University

Master & Doctoral Programs with English instruction

Tottori University

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences

Yamagata University

Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences


Kyushu University

Graduate School of Design